Adore Aesthetics & Hair Salon Benefit

November 6, 2016


On November 5, 2016 Adore Aesthetics and Hair Salon hosted a benefit in honor of Grayson. This was a special benefit, as Grayson's grandma Angie owns Adore. This was the first benefit organized to honor Grayson and to support the Riley Children's Hospital PICU. We had a great turnout and through proceeds from the benefit, donations and our silent auction we were able to donate $4,000 to the Riley PICU.


We had many people donate items to include in our silent auction which was a great hit and to continue spreading awareness on E.coli, food safety and HUS we had fact sheets out for people to take and read.


Brittany from WISH-TV 8 stopped by and allowed Brent and I to share a little about our event. We are thankful for those who stopped by and played a roll in supporting our benefit.